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>> Our Advantage
      We can delive shipments safely,on-time and affordable-cost with the integrared transportation solutions.
      With our core transportation solution,you'll also get a leading-edge Transportation Management System(TMS)configured and deployed to your specifications.Our information system can provide web/EDI Interface ro allow our customers to enquiry anf trace:
         > shipping planning executing information
         > In-transition information
         >  POD(proof of Delivery)information
    Our warehouse management system provides our customers real-time invetory(classified as qualifide,defective,R&M,return),lots/lecel management,inventory threshold alert.Our solutiongs allow you to decrease inventory, increase fill-rates,and respond quickly to changes in customer demand

>> Logistics Service List
         >  Domestic and Foreign
         >  Under Bond
         >  VMI、JIT
         >  Air / Ocean freight
     Local deliveries in HK
         >  Local transportation
         >  AWB claim, D/O claim
    • HKG-SZX cross-border logistics
    • Domestic Delivery in China
         >  Domestic Air Freight, Trucking        
         >  Express Delivery  
    • Value-added Service 
         >  Rack Rental  
         >  Cargo Insurance 
         >  Sorting, Open-Box Inspection 
         >  Barcode Scanning 
         >  Label-making 
         >  Packaging 
         >  Import and Export Custom clearance in Hong Kong 
         >  Apply Hong Kong Import/Export license 

>> JIULI Warehouse Facts 
                  Provide with 4 Bonded Warehouse + 5 Distribution Center + 15 Regional Distribution Center