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There are four major advantage of Shekou if compared to other free trade zone in Guangdong
Source of news: Shenzhen Sina real-estate
         This morning (27th of April), the free trade zone of Shekou, Qianhai will begin to operate
What is Shenzhen free trade zone?
Settings of development:
Shenzhen Shekou zone is designed to become the focus of finance, logistics, technology, along with many others newly introduced industries within the market. It is the experimental point of our nation to open our market to the globe in terms of world trade perspective.
Division of function:
Within the non-customs supervision area of Shenzhen Shekou zone, the focus is to discover the innovation of system, to develop modern service industries and high-end manufacturing industries. At the customs supervision zone of Qianhai bay, Shenzhen, the purpose of these experimental points is to obtain convenience of trade of goods, in order to further develop business such as foreign trade and in bond service.
The advantages of Shekou zone, Qianhai

1、Unique advantages that compromise each other
At the zone, it overlaps the advantage of free trade zone policies and functions, and initiate the effect of “collaboration zone + free trade testing point + in bond zone”. Therefore, this zone enjoys the privilege of national free trade policies, and the privilege of being a collaboration zone. For example, the zone can enjoy the favorable policy on corporate tax and personal tax, in which is remarkable.

2、Under the framework of free trade experimental zone, the integration of Chiwan port, Shekou port, and Qianhai bonded port will lead to a better organizing of related resources, hence resulting a bigger, stronger international hub for logistics, in the goal to better implementing strategies such as "one belt and one road"
From the perspective of functionality, Shekou productions will be injected with vitality with the helps from Qianhai finance, trade, and logistics services. The foundation of Shekou industries and its living essentials will take a active part in supporting the development of Qianhai, together to compromise one another between Shekou and Qianhai, and drive interaction and development of industries between the two areas. Somewhere in the near future, the Shekou-Qianhai regions will become a new concentration for urban growth, in which it consists with a lot of potential and vitality under the "Bay zone economy" of the Pearl delta region.

3、In the past, this 30km radius of Qianhai-Shekou areas consists of two of the world-class concentrations of ocean and air freight business. (The throughput capacity of containers of Hong Kong in 2014 was at 22.28 millions, 12.50 millions for western ports of Shenzhen, together sum up to about 34.78 millions, which is the largest ocean freight concentration zone in the world; The visitor count through aviation of Hong Kong in 2014 was 62 millions, and 36.27 millions for Shenzhen airport, together sum up to about 98 millions visitor count)
Under the framework of free trade experimental zone, a tighter collaboration in economics will be formed between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and a better distribution of aviation and seafaring resource can be organized and carried out, together forming a power axis in the Guangdong regions. Hong Kong is the most successful free port in the world, the implementation of free trade experimental zone will further lead Qianhai and Shenzhen to become closer with the worldwide standard.

4、Under the planning of Shenzhen government, a committee will be setup at Qianhai-Shekou zone, to manage all economic businesses within the zone. This move will result a better distribution of resource (resource refer to those that are under control by the Qianhai management bureau and the China Merchants) at the Qianhai-Shekou areas.
The China Merchants Steamship company has currently developed about 54 port zones in 28 cities around the world. The aggregate throughput capacity of containers for China Merchants in 2014 was at 80 millions count. The number of enterprise that are registered at Qianhai is about 27.7 thousands, registered capitals is estimated to be CNY 166 millions. In these enterprise, 15.4 thousands of them are registered as financial profession, 3.919 thousands are registered as logistic profession. Pulling together these resources can help bringing in business to the regions, and at the same time, promoting businesses outside the regions. Ultimately, it leads to a better implementation of "one belt one road" strategy.