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Industry Information

Vessels are still being held up at the seaport in the West coast of USA.
Agreement has been reached between the PMA and ILWU to end the dispute occurred at the west coast seaport. Labor at the seaport has reached a 5-year deal with their employer, to end this bargaining that lasted for over 9 months.
The last strike that happened at the west coast seaport was in 2002, the negotiation was broken down, which leaded to an 11-day strike. In the end, Former U.S. president George W Bush had been authorized by the courthouse through “Taft-Hartley Act” to order the re-opening of these seaports.
According to data from the PMA, about 43.5% of all U.S. goods containers were processed at the west coast seaports in 2003, which occupies about 12.5% of USA overall GDP.
         Currently, although agreement has been reached between PMA and ILWU, the normal operation has not yet been resumed at the seaports. Many cargo vessels are still being held up, and the operation remains slow. Because of this situation, many of exportation in U.S. have now switched their transportation to air freight, in which leads to a very active market of air freight industries in the U.S.